Monday, August 4, 2008


One of my favorite things is pulling weeds. Weeding puts my mind someplace else. Let's face it, it's a task that requires little thinking, it doesn't cost anything, and chances are pretty good it is always there. I like to go barefoot when weeding. I just have to watch out for those nasty little sandburs. Owyn, my Corgi likes weeding too. He follows and promptly digs up what I've missed (sometimes it includes the flower). Digging in the dirt and weeding is therapeutic. Stressed and need to vent? Take it out on those weeds! Most of our flowers are in full bloom now and I love wandering along the path enjoying the fruit of my weeding. What's right outside your front door, waiting for you to enjoy?


Sherrie said...

haha... Weeds are right out my front door. And to what a surprise I too enjoy weeding and gardening... It's a simple task and takes my mind off of other things.... Very soon I'll be putting up tomatoes... This year I'm going to try something new... Spaghetti sauce :-)

Anonymous said...

You go girl! If you run out of time to get all your tomatoes put up just clean, quarter them and toss in the freezer in a quart bag. Once they are thawed the skins generally fall right off and you can cook the tomatoes down and use in whatever. Take joy!

Sherrie said...

Oh WoW! Thanks for the tip :-)