Wednesday, October 29, 2008


How do I replenish my spirit? By quieting my inner chatter. I let go and let God take over. Things happen for a reason and I'm being guided all the time. Yoga and meditation enable me to understand the impermanence of life. Nothing lasts forever, which in itself is very freeing. I can get over the hurdles in life and know there is an end to them. I am reminded that I'm here for more than going to work, going home, making dinner and going to bed. I am still very new to yoga but find myself more relaxed each time I do it. I was so surprised when I sat down on the floor and could not sit cross legged. When did that happen? Take a few minutes every day even to just stretch and ponder. Quiet that inner self.

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Sherrie said...

Awe Yes! Yoga is good for the soul... I do Yoga - when I can... I have a yoga mat and much more... I think I posted on this back in May or April :-) Enjoy it :-)