Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Riding a Bicycle

I had way too much fun last Saturday riding a bicycle. And not just any ordinary bike but a two seated one. It was alittle strange riding on the back. I found out you don't just sit there and let the front person do all the work! Our museum celebrated their 50th anniversary and we had a grand parade in downtown Oberlin. I was busy working on a float for one of the numerous boards that I am on when the call came from Vickie asking me if I would join her. "Sure, why not" I replied. Initially we were going to be clowns. I raced over to our little second hand store on the hunt for a clown costume. But when I saw the square dancing skirt underslips a light bulb went off. Why not bicycling ballerinas??? The rest is history. We even stopped the bicycle periodically on the parade route and did our ballerina positions; first position, plies, twirling, crow pose. Maybe we will be the next winners of AGT! It was a fun day beginning with a pancake breakfast early, the parade, Indian dancers, buffalo burgers for lunch, melodrama, homemade ice cream and the museum had several people demonstrating crafts. Our six year old grandson Reid was down and he loved it. We camped both nights out at our park. The weekend couldn't have been better.


Craig Larson said...

Sitting on the back. Peddling like mad. Unable to steer. THAT'S my life in a nutshell! (And some days I even find myself dressed in that HORRID ballerina outfit.)


...wonderful piece of inspiration.

Sherrie said...

WOW! I LOVE IT!!! How Much Fun You Had!!!! Indeed!!