Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Slow Breathing

It's such an incredible time to be living. I'm connecting in ways I couldn't even imagine before. It's like I'm coming out of my cocoon before I start flying! It's beautiful and uplifting. It's a new way to see myself, and it is a good time to take a breath. I relax through slow, deep breathing. Very helpful when trying to meditate. Get back on track. Focus. Life is something to celebrate on a moment to moment basis. Deep, slow breathing is part of nuturing myself. That's one way I replenish my spirit. If you usually have lunch at your desk or at the kitchen table, take a breather and take it outside.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about coming out of your cacoon is forcing my hand...

Workin' on a blog based on this article:

...maturity means you IS smart-r!