Thursday, November 6, 2008

Basket Weaving

The class was wonderful and I still can't believe we made both of these baskets in two days! The willow was organically grown by our instructor. She was an excellant teacher and we had a great time both days. My forearms are sore. Used muscles I obviously haven't used for a while. The gathering basket is quite large. I intend to use both baskets. One gal made a lid for her herb pouch and was going to use it for her purse! I'm pretty sure I could not start another at home without instruction but would go again to her class if she comes back next year. It is awesome when we have the chance to do something like this with a nationally known basket weaver and author just an hours time away from home. The Dane Hansen Museum is very unique. Oh, the security guard pictured with us......he is a wax figure!

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Anonymous said...

Now that looks really hard..good for you. I thought you would be using cloth materials and braid..shows what i know lol NK