Friday, November 21, 2008


If people could look into my living room windows on some nights, they might think that I'm having a seance. What I like to do at night is to turn off all the lights, light candles and put on some soft music, Enya or something similar. Peaceful. I light tall candles, big fat ones, votives. I try not to set the house on fire.

LaVern got in to candle making two years ago so now he is my source for candles. If you know me, you know my "decorating" is purely primitive. You just can't go out in this area and buy one of those "grubby" candles. So he got interested and started experimenting. I LOVE my candles. Last year my best friend and LaVern got together to make candles using crush charcoal!! When I went out to the work shop to check on the progress I had to take a picture. Their faces were smudged with charcoal as well as the candles. But they turned out great. Warmth comes in all sizes.


Anonymous said...

COOL ! Where is the pic of their faces ?

Anonymous said...

I remember the day well. Your KINDRED SPIRIT. Love ya guys.