Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've been having problems with the furnace in my office. It doesn't want to run. Called the landlord and he reset it. Lasted a few days but this morning it was off again. Now when it is only 12 degrees outside the temperature inside was alittle cool. LaVern happened by and he tried a few things. Finally the heat/air guy came and got it running. Ran long enough to warm things up and then quit again. So, here I am waiting for the return visit. It felt great to go home at noon and sit in front of the pellet/corn stove. I was chilled and the heat felt great. Made me think of the old farmhouses we use to live in. One had a coal furnace. Most of them didn't have any type of heat upstairs, just a vent so the heat could rise up. I can remember scraping frosted ice off the inside of the windows so we could look out. It's funny how we take for granted a simple thing like central heat. If I get home early enough I will take a picture of LaVern's newest creation and post it on the blog tomorrow. He was "playing" in his workshop yesterday. Getting ready for our camping trip. until then...........

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