Thursday, December 11, 2008

Incredible Grill

Well, what can I say? LaVern was "playing" in his workshop yesterday and welded our new portable camping grill. He made it from one of those old propane bottles that you can no longer use. The doors are hinged, the legs come off as well as the big chimney. There are two grates inside for grilling or they can be removed to put on wood logs for a fire to sit around. The iron pad on top is to set the coffee pot on for a warmer. Isn't it great?!! lol Will be easy to throw in the pickup or camper and off we go. We are not sure if there will be snow on the ground where we are camping over Christmas so this way it doesn't matter. Can grill or have a fire and not worry about scooping snow out of a fire pit. And I love the "warmer". Will take some pictures of it once we are camped and have a fire going. Simple camping.

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