Monday, January 12, 2009


Why is it that fear holds us back from moving forward? Possibly towards a dream or goal you held in the back of your mind? I'm amazed at how easy it is to put those "buts..... ifs........ becauses or whens" instead of the "I can, I will, or just do its". It must be fear of the unknown.
Here is a picture of our dream! Easily within our means. Something we have always wanted to try. Downsize to 500-600 sq. ft., off the grid, living green, self sufficient as much as possible, with alittle acreage. It would mean virtually selling everything. Fear. What about health insurance for the next 7 years until medicare kicks in? Fear. What about leaving our parents? Fear. How would we pay the taxes? Fear. This little cabin is on 5 wooded acres, it is 478 sq ft. with alittle loft, down in southern Missouri near a lake and national forest. I went in to the bank this morning and a gentleman that works there, our age, asked about a little fixer upper in a small town. They've the desire to be more self sufficient. Living on Soc. Sec. is tough. I invited them over to our house! I have a feeling we aren't out there alone. Fear.............God tells us to fear not, that He will strenghten us. But that first step is so hard. Oh, we of so little faith. I believe the door will open wide if this is our path. Should be an adventure if nothing else!!


Craig Larson said...

Fear's good when we need to respond to a real threat.

However, when something threatens who we have convinced ourselves who we are, well, fear doesn't know legit. from non-legit. - and since our heads have been conscripted into fear's army you know the outcome of these wars...


carolyn said...

Is there any cheap land in Canada and can we become citizens??!!


Anonymous said...

It would be great to be your neighbor. Your Kindred Spirit.