Friday, January 16, 2009

My Tribute to a Dog

If you have been visiting my friend Craig's blog, Native Shores, from a link on my blog you will know that yesterday he posted a wonderful tribute to his neighbor's dog. I decided that my dog, Owyn surely warranted a tribute after yesterday. For the past 5 months I walk early every morning, 7 days a week and Owyn hasn't missed a day. But yesterday it was 8 degrees and for what ever reason I decided he could stay home. Not a good decision. I swear this dog KNOWS about payback. LaVern said Owyn was not happy that he did not get to go. Came home from work yesterday and this was my payback! Now mind you, LaVern is in and out of the house all day so Owyn had to make haste. He was "hiding" when I came in. I needed a good laugh and well, Owyn, you are sure good for laughs. I had a writing tablet and pen on the night stand and he literally chewed the pen up in tiny little pieces and ate half the tablet. We had a great walk this morning!

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Anonymous said...

Atta girl, good owner!

We know who runs the lead...