Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quality not quantity

Just because something is cheaper by the dozen doesn't mean that you need a dozen of whatever it is. This includes toilet paper. Recently bought some of the "cheaper" stuff, in a rather large quantity, at one of those dollar stores. This morning we finally used up the last of it, thank God. I think I was unrolling at least two yards every time I needed some. If you have a choice between several cheap items or one quality item for the same price, don't be fooled into thinking that quantity makes up for quality. Go for quality every time. And don't forget to ask God to help you discern true quality in every situation you encounter. Get wisdom, it's worth more than money.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA Well, New phone directory delivered today, guess the old one can go into the bathroom now...???

Anonymous said...

As long as it's quality paper, don't see why not!