Friday, March 13, 2009


I had to look this word up in the dictionary to be certain I spelled it correctly so I could blog about it. It was then that I looked at the definition! It wasn't until about the 3rd one down that it talked about your body and balance. First definition is "a state of intellectual or emotional balance". lol that's probably what I have also! This morning early when I got up it was like, whoa......we are dizzy and off balance. And it never went away. So, after much debate I slipped in to the doctor. I have some fluid on the ear and that is causing the unbalance. It wasn't until he asked me if I had had a cold that I remembered about two weeks ago I had a bad sore throat and dry cough for maybe a week but it went away.....right to my ear! Viral so no drugs. Really feels wierd. Missed my morning walk but will see if I can't get out later. All I can do is fall and roll down a hill! But with friends along they can pick me up!

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