Thursday, March 12, 2009

snow whiskers

Yesterday AM and this morning both were cold. Like 8 degrees with a wind chill making it "feel like" below zero. Cold is just cold. I go out to the park every morning at 7:30 AM with a girlfriend and we brisk walk 4 miles. Yesterday we were both up to starting to jog again. First I was overdressed. Silk underwear, long sleeve t-shirt and hoodie. Should have left the t-shirt off. I do have a wonderful running cap, kind of a poly beanie. Absorbs the sweat so it is nice and warm. When we run, we both have ipods so the music is on and off we go. Well, after a mile we were sweating profusely and at 8 degrees that stuff freezes. When we got back to the pickup I thought I'd wet my pants I was laughing so hard. Kim had on a knit stocking cap and her entire cap was frosted white, her eye lashes were white with frozen moisture and her little wisps of hair hanging out from the cap were white. Even what little facial hair was white. She, in turn, was laughing hysterically at me. My cap wasn't white but I looked like a bobcat with whiskers. For some reason the sweat all collected by my ear lobes and I had these dangling snow whiskers, crystal stuff. Eyelashes and brows frosted white. It would have been great to have gotten a picture. Kim commented that if anyone saw us then they would think we were nuts!! We must be.............we went out and did it again this morning!! Stay warm!

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