Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grackles and Kite hawks

A sure sign of spring here in NW Kansas is when the grackles and kite hawks show up. I love it when at dusk both groups come in for the night. To the west of our house is a huge tree and the grackles roost there and on the east side is the water tower and the kites park there. It is almost like a stand off. But every year it is the same, kites on the tower and grackles in the tree. They will be here a few weeks and then suddenly are gone. The grackles clean out our bird feeders several times while here. Then the finches come back and reclaim the feeders. Birds are fun to watch. Our dear neighbor, Marianna (a young 80's lady) spiked our interest in bird watching several years ago. She is an avid watcher. We are always thrilled to see some unusual bird at our feeder and then can't wait to tell her about it. She inspired us to get an Audubon Society field guide so that we can identify a new bird. One year we took a trip up to Ogalla, Ne. so see the bald eagles that were migrating at the time. And we still go to see the sandhill cranes. It has given us many hours of enjoyment. So, thank you Marianna. Something I hope we will pass on to our kids and grandkids. No cost entertainment right in our own backyard. Simple living.

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