Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Handing over the control

We have the free will to make our own choices, but God is hoping that we will let him guide and direct us, gently steering us away from the rocks. LaVern and I have been looking for acreage for over a year now but most recently in earnest. We were the captains and in control. I kept asking God to show us the way, to send me that "electric billboard". And as always He did. Swung the door wide open. It wasn't in Missouri but southern Iowa. I think both LaVern and I are still in awe that we were able to purchase the Amish homestead. Talk about testimony! There were 9 other people lined up behind us on that Saturday and 2 couples had looked at it on Thursday evening but did not have their funds ready. The Amish will not do "business" on Good Friday (even though people showed up) so that allowed us to make the 8 hour drive back and be there early Saturday morning. The guy who was the 3rd appt. jumped out of his vehicle and said, "I suppose I am too late, I'll pay the price and don't have to look at it". We were already signing the paperwork! Imagine that! When our son called to tell us about it, after seeing an ad in a shopper, he said, "Mom, I think the ad is wrong. The price can not be right." But......the price was right. Imagine that! We met the gentleman who owns the adjoining acreage. He is very active with "Feeding the Children" program. Rosa, the Amish wife, cooks on a wood cookstove. The same brand and model that I am looking at (and have a picture of on my vision board). Imagine that! Her chicken are Rhode Island reds (same as on my board). Imagine that! This family is already living "off grid" just as we want to. Imagine that! The list just goes on and on. I want to learn beekeeping and while at an auction this past weekend, a man from McCook offered to teach me all there is to know. He has been a beekeeper for over 25 years. He orders his supplies from a company in Auburn, NE. LaVern's sister lives there and it is only a couple hours from our farm. Imagine that!

LaVern said yesterday that he doesn't know what God's plan is for us once we move but he knows there is a purpose in all of this. Maybe LaVern will be involved with Feeding the Children or it might be something as simple as helping our elderly neighbor up the road. We know the direction won't be from our navigation but God's. Hand over the control. Be still and listen for His counsel.

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