Monday, April 20, 2009

A simple way of life

LaVern and I admire the Amish and their way of life. It's a simple life that they choose to do. They are devoted to family and God. I think that all the government restrictions are making it harder for the Amish and that is sad. It's hard for our families to understand why LaVern and I want to live "off grid". I gently remind them that it is our choice. I think the Amish are making alot out of their lives because they have a very definite conception of what they are living for. I recently read in Countryside magazine about a woman who finally was realizing her life long dream of homesteading. She had purchased alittle land and moved to the country. She is 73 years old (young).
Our dream: small homestead, big garden, solar and wind power, off grid, chickens, rolling hills and trees, harvesting rain water, recycling, canning, self sufficient, beekeeping, horse and buggy..........oh, did I forget to mention.........we have purchased the above property from an Amish family.

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