Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Independent thinker

Think for yourself. Going along with the crowd can seem easy at first, but it may lead you down a wrong road. This is difficult sometimes living in a small rural town. The easier route would be to just agree with the "home" crowd and not "make waves". I have found that it is much simpler to live by my own convictions than to imitate someone else's style. Granted I am sure that alot of people think me wierd, different, "out there" but I know myself. God gave me a good mind and I am going to use it. I would much rather be an independent thinker who is willing to choose simple values over sophisticated, heated arguments. Nothing to be gained there.
Choose the company you want to keep. Positive, energetic and fun people. It has been said that our life is what our thoughts make it. My days are full of joy.

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