Thursday, August 27, 2009

10 days....gone too long

How do you know you have been away from home too long??? When you come home and a bird has built a nest and is sitting on eggs right at the front door!!
We laughed hard this morning. Got in about 10 p.m. last night and did NOT see the bird. LaVern was unloading this morning and saw her. He went in and out the door as well as both dogs and she just sits there. All this in 10 days time!
We traveled in 10 states in 7 days! Richmond, VA is a LONGGGGGGGG ways from Kansas! But I would go again in a heart beat! Everywhere we traveled we ran in to rain. It rained all night while camping in the Great Smokey Mountains, rained in Nashville and then rained at least two inches while we were at the farm in Iowa. What a difference after being in a 10 year drought. LaVern had to put a new pump in the washing machine this morning but he stopped by to tell me it was up and running. We definitely had clothes to wash. I am catching up on "work stuff". Will keep you posted on our new home visitor. See, Marianna.............we really do have a new found love of birds!!!

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