Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taking joy and taking peace

Wednesday, AM Sharing good conversation and a cup of coffee on the deck with Marianna. She looks soooooo good, content and happy. I shall take joy and peace in knowing this was in God's great plan for her. Her HUGE bedroom is like private retreat including her own sitting area, writing area and more. The future has changes for us both but I know that with her kindred spirit she will embrace the new adventure. What fun for us both!! She has told me she will scope out all the new places and we shall visit them upon our return. In the mean time we will continue our conversations with email, blog and cell phones!! I will have pictures for you when we return. I forgot the card reader for my camera! Need to keep a list these days.
Today we are leaving and driving to Virginia Beach. Karla asked LaVern if we had a plan. Our only plan is to see the beach and the Smokey Mountains. We will get to Nashville and then on to Iowa for a couple days. We never have been the type of people who have "planned" vacations. We just get in and drive!! Well, on the road again. Will blog again when we are connected somewhere down the road. love to all

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