Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Richmond, Virginia

What a beautiful state!! Yes, for those of you that don't know.......we are in Richmond! We moved our dear neighbors, Karla and Marianna. Karla's daughter, Lisa and her wonderful hubby, Ricky and two grandsons have a beautiful new home.......6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms!. So Karla and Marianna are joining them. How awesome is that? I truly believe more families should be doing this. I know it isn't for all families but for those that can and it works, what a blessing for all. We are so happy for them. The home is perfect as everyone will have their own "spaces". I would LOVE for my parents to move in with us. Mom would in a heart beat but not sure about dad! Karla and Marianna flew out last Wednesday and LaVern drove the u-haul truck pulling a trailer with their van. Biggest truck they had and it is loaded! I drove our pickup pulling our 1946 teardrop trailer. Trip was good. Long but good. Virginia and W. VA are beautiful states. I would love to come back and visit. Trees and rolling hills and small mountains. I am sitting out on the back deck and the yard is a wooded area.
A moving crew should be here soon to unload the truck. We will spend the rest of the day and tomorrow LaVern and I are headed to Virginia Beach. Can't believe we are on the east coast!
When I mentioned our trip in the coffee shop before leaving one guy gave me a "look" and asked "why?". I just told him that is what friends/neighbors do for each other. And besides...I'd never been to Virginia!! Lovin life!!

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