Friday, September 25, 2009

Satellite internet

HELP! If anyone out there is familiar with DSL via a satellite, please email me. We are trying to figure out what we want to do for the internet at the farm. No land line so that is out. The only two wireless satellite servers I have heard about are and Wildblue. I think Dishnetwork owns the Wildblue service. Anyway...........expensive, $80/month. Not sure what other options we have. I am NOT going the dial up route. Been there, done that. I have seen satellites for both these companies in the area so some people are using them. That's the only thing I'm just not sure I am ready to "give up" just yet! But who knows, I just may. The library in Mt Ayr has wireless access so........................once a week I just might jump in the ole buggy and the horse and I will travel 12 miles for Internet access! I can check out books and then the next week return the books and check email. Works for me! (maybe I should be looking for runners for that buggy in the mean time)


Janet said...

Hughes has some good deals for less than $80. Don't do dial up! Its not worth it :) I like my Hughes, it really only goes out if there are a few inches of snow on it. I just brush it off and its good to go. Its no cable internet, but at least i can go to my bank website without having to mow the lawn while i wait for it to load! But if your neighbors are using it, maybe ask a neighbor that has each brand, and see what they say.

Anyway, This is where I read up about it. I called in with about a billion questions, but they answered them all. Good luck to you!

Carolyn said...

Thanks, Janet. Appreciate the web site, will check it out.