Monday, October 19, 2009


I am at the age, as well as my close girlfriends, of what I like to call mentalpause. Yeah, yeah we've done the menopause thing but this is much worse. I went to Valley, NE. with my two girlfriends, Betsy and Mary, for a rug hook in. This is a one day event with vendors and rug hookers from all over. There is usually a rug show and it's always fun to see what others are hooking. Anyway (I'm trying to keep the story short), we were staying the night in Fremont, NE. Arrived in town about 6 pm and started looking for the motel where we were staying. Driving through town we saw a Dairy Queen advertising Pumpkin Blizzards! We all three promptly decided we had to have one before we left the area. But we continued on and located the motel. Betsy thought it best if she filled up with gas and we grab a sandwich before checking in to the motel and dragging all the luggage in. So we turned and headed back up the way we came. She saw a gas station on the corner and pulled in. I love Betsy dearly, but it's time she learns how to pump gas using a credit card!! I mean, she is "old enough" to know how to do this. Well, it was cold so Mary and I sat in the car while Betsy mumbled and muttered outside with her card. Finally she said, "forget this, I'll just pay inside". By then, I was on a cell phone call and Mary was in the back seat reading. The next thing I know is I saw Betsy running across the way into the a side door of the Dairy Queen. It just so happened it was right next to the gas station. I thought "GREAT, Betsy is going for our blizzards".
She gets inside and a young man asks her what she would like. She looks up and sees they have food at this gas station. "Oh, I don't want anything to eat I just want to pay for my gas", she replys. The young man has a puzzled look on his face and answers, "But this is the Dairy Queen". By now, Betsy has realized she did not run into the gas station but the Dairy Queen. Embarassed but quick to wit she says, "oh, good, we were looking for this" and races back outside. This time she saw the gas station behind the pumps and made it over to pay for the gas. We then parked and went in to the Dairy Queen where Betsy told the young man, "Look, I'm back and I brought friends". ha ha ha ha
I usually am frustrated with mentalpause but sometimes it is great for laughs. We all three laughed until the tears were streaming down our faces. (thank goodness for Depends) This will be a memory that I shall cherish forever, Betsy. You are a hoot!! (We still need to teach you how to use that card to pump gas). Love ya.

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