Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still around...just not blogging

LaVern wanted to come in to town (Mt Ayr) and pick up some RV antifreeze to winterize the RV plus get something to put in the transmission of the pickup. It is going "kaput" so I am sure we will be driving home on a wing and prayer. Anyway, I am blogging in front the of the library! I think the plan is to drive back to Oberlin tomorrow. We got a lot done this week at the farm. Still trying to figure out the hot water system. Know we will use solar but have to think about the days like this week when there wasn't any sun. It has been raining, cloudy and cold the entire time we have been here. Even snowed last Saturday! I love the fall weather though. The trees are beautiful here. Lots of maples so that red color scattered throughout. Went to the Amish neighbors nearby and bought a couple quarts of bee honey. Need to get alittle more firewood cut so that there will be some all ready when we come back in a couple weeks. We have quite a bit in the pole shed now waiting to be cut up. That's the update for now. Back to the farm.

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