Monday, December 28, 2009

Goob's Repair

Located in Diagonal, Iowa! Just ordered new tires for the car. They will be in and put on this Thursday. Roads were plowed yesterday so we are out and about. I brought the lap top in and while LaVern was busy ordering the tires I tried to get online. Hooray! Success! I am assuming I am using Goob's internet server! Not sure how much snow we had this last time but Creston, north of us 30 miles, had 10 inches. The wind howled for two days. Lots of drifts at home. Cold, cold temperatures. Well, maybe not like up in Canada but cold for us here. We are working on a wood ceiling in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It goes slow, with lots of breaks, with a hammer and nails. LaVern is really missing his air nailer. We hope to get the other wood stove hooked up in the kitchen in the next week or so. We will use that until we decide on a big cook stove. This is a little wood cookstove but at least it should help heat that huge kitchen area. The sun is shining this morning. Electricity!! We like the sun. Mom is about the same. I will probably go out again after the first of the year for maybe a week. Have been talking to a girlfriend in Kansas daily and she was snowed in as well. It was quite a big storm that went across the plains. LaVern is patiently waiting for me to blog so I best finish up and check emails. Joy.

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