Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mountain time

I am still running on central time, or at least my body is but am staying in mountain time. So, I am up at 3:00 AM here! Not alot stirring in the house at that time! This morning I opened my window and sucked in the pine smell along with the wood smoke in the air. Just needed that to get energized for the day. There are two kinds of tired. There's "good" tired, and there's "bad" tired. I have put myself in service to my fears and I have ended up "bad" tired. I have let fears manifest and have been feeding them with every thought, until I am drained beyond the point of exhaustion. I "know better" and after a good long talk with Him last night I woke refreshed this morning. TODAY I will find something to love about EVERYTHING I am doing and I will put myself in service to that love. I know that I will still be worn out tonight but it will feel good! Mom is still in the hospital in Ft. Collins and it is tough to see her suffer but she is receiving the best care available. Dad and my brother left this morning to spend time with her. I took a much needed break and will go later. Thank you all for the calls, emails, thoughts and prayers. They have served to keep ME uplifted.

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