Thursday, December 10, 2009

Compassion and Understanding

I am in Ft. Collins, Co. now for all of you who have been wondering why no blogs. I sure didn't think this is where I would be 10 days ago. My mother had been in the hospital in McCook then and got out on December 1st. So, LaVern went on to Iowa and I stayed with the folks to help care for mom. I expected to be there maybe a week or alittle longer. I jokingly told LaVern when he left that I'd see him Christmas when he came back. Mom was home for 7 days and progressively got weaker and then started the fever again. I had to call the ambulance last Tuesday even though they live just two blocks from the hospital. The blizzard was raging that day. Not sure what McCook had but I think 6-8 inches and then the wind. Tuesday night an ambulance took mom to Ft. Collins( a plane could not fly). A snow plow ran in front of the ambulance all the way to the Colorado border. Thank goodness they allowed my dad to ride in the ambulance as I stayed in McCook the night. I was exhausted as mom was up and down all night long for the 7 days. I just was not up to a drive in a blizzard.
Mom is at the Poudre Valley Health Center and what a blessing. Never in my life have I experienced the care she is receiving at this hospital. Every single person, nurses,doctors, staff, even the orderly that took her to her procedures has shown such compassion, love, understanding. I literally feel transformed from this stay. Even my brother has made mention of it. He is a manager for a large company so has hired people for the past 30 years. He said he would like to talk to the person responsible for the hiring program at this hospital. How is he able to interview people and choose the ones that have this healing compassion? My brother said that he can see that they are hired for that over their experience or knowledge. Every person has asked us if we need anything each time they see us. And the care mom is receiving is beyond words. She does need your prayers. She has a nasty bacteria in her blood and is very ill. There is a whole team of doctors who are caring for her. I have no idea how long I will be here or what the future decisions and plans will be. LaVern is holding out on the farm, blizzard and all. He said we had 12 inches of snow there. Our son in Pella, Iowa reported 18 inches at his house. Darn, my snow shoes are in Iowa!!! Love to all. Sorry it took so long to let you know but just got to a computer. I'll try to keep you posted.

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John said...

Our prayers are with you. Be strong and go with God's blessings.
Carol and John