Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter Walk

Full moon, foggy, lightly snowing, silent, crisp and an amazing night for a walk in the country. Last night about 9 pm LaVern and I bundled up and with Owyn, the fearless Corgi, we went for a long walk down the road. It was such an incredible night for a walk. A few lights shown in the distance from other farms. We walked a couple miles and I hated to come back but another time. I need to write down these simple joys in my journal. Someday maybe the kids will come across them after I am gone and realize the true meaning of joy. Speaking of which, LaVern said that joy is free and that fun cost money! It must be why Take Joy is so important to me. And so my friends I leave you with that, Take Joy.

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John said...

One day while working on our house in Traer, I stopped to listen to the sounds. There were no sounds. It was a cold, crisp day and the silence was just beautiful. Take Joy! I did that day just listening to the silence, one of the things that is lost in the busy,busy life of today's world. Thank you dear friend for your thoughts. johnnyb