Monday, January 18, 2010

And then there was POWER

LaVern made the big "switch" yesterday, just a little flick of a button and we are now on solar power via the BIG inverter. He promptly came upstairs, walked out on the porch and started his air compressor. I heard it take off and he came in and said,"Wahoo, I now have my air nailer". Ahhh, the simple things that mean so much!

We drove in fog to Creston this morning with the pickup. Had the transmission fluid drained and the radiator flushed. They are ordering the motor for the 4 wheel drive and hopefully we will be back in tomorrow to have that installed. We are thinking it might be a good thing to have the 4 wheel drive working when all this snow melts. Not sure our plans for going out to Colorado as the weather is to get nasty again. Freezing rain for us starting tomorrow night. So, I guess if we go it will be after the truck is done tomorrow.

Heading back home now. We had a sandwich at Hardee's. They have free wireless access!! That sometimes dictates where we eat these days!

Love to all.

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