Saturday, January 23, 2010


The definition of chore is a routine or minor duty or task. Every morning LaVern heads out the door to do chores. I'm not sure what all that entails particularly given the "minor" part but he sure spends alot of time doing chores and we don't have animals yet! I asked him if his chore duty would require less time now that our system is up and running. I didn't hear the response as he was going out the door! Speaking of the solar system, we were amazed that the batteries were charging up with no sun. It was "light" out but no direct sun and they charged. That is awesome as we went a good week with no sunlight. Still had plenty of electricity for everything we wanted. LaVern even ran one of his woodworking saws and air nailer.
The ice storm did not effect us like the people in Des Moines. They had power lines and trees down up there. Our gravel driveway was even ice and stayed that way for a couple days. LaVern walked to the barn with his snow shoes on as just couldn't stay up otherwise. We are at my brother's in Greeley. Left home at 4:30 yesterday morning and drove in fog until North Platte. Wasn't a heavy fog but did slow us down. Mom is stronger but I think she will be here another couple months yet. Slow recovery, baby steps. We will come home on Tuesday or Wed and then the following weekend we head up to Pella. Ross and Nicole are moving into a much bigger home so we will take our trailer and help them move.
I'll continue to keep the home fire burning. Put another log on the fire!

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