Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter wildlife

Driving in to town this afternoon we saw a big flock of turkeys feeding out in a field and then the next field over was a herd of about 25 deer. But the best sight was a bald eagle flying along the Grand River carrying a stick in its claws. This is the third bald eagle we have seen since moving here. We have lots of bluejays and some little round bird. My bird book is still packed and I have NO IDEA where it is at.

Plumbing is done in the laundry room and I am putting a finish on the floor. LaVern will now plumb the bathroom. Next room will be the 16x36 kitchen!! Still don't know what I am going to do with that huge kitchen!

We went to an Amish auction near Kirksville, MO this past Tuesday. They had a propane refrigerator AND a wood cook stove listed. We bid on them but didn't get either purchased. I probably should have bought the Standardbred gelding. He was 11 years old, sound and TRAFFIC SAFE!! HA HA I am thinking that traffic safe is probably priceless! He was a nice looking horse but just didn't appear to be as quiet a horse as I would like to find. I'm guessing that is the breed. I'll just keep looking. Not ready for animals yet anyway. Too much snow!

We have lots of snow. Ditches are full as well as the fields. Going to the auction there had been frost that morning so everything was frosted and white. It was just beautiful!! The sky was pink and then the bright orange sun rising. It just doesn't get better than that.

We are driving to Lenexa, KS this Saturday. Down Kansas City way. I am going to a hook-in and LaVern plans on hitting the Lowes, Home Depots and Menards. I wonder if he will be done by the time the show is over!

Will buy a throw away camera and try to get some pictures to post. Our camera still hasn't showed up yet. Take joy.

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