Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wash Day

We are finished with going to the laundry mat! Hooray!! LaVern hooked up my new automatic washer and yesterday we hung clothes out. He put my clotheslines around the trees on the north side. Exactly where the Amish were hanging their clothes as there were still wires in the trees! After the clothes were hung LaVern stepped back and said, "well, it looks Amish except for all the colors". ha ha Actually we used both the automatic and my good ole Maytag wringer washer. For those of you that don't know me all that well, I have a strong pioneer spirit. I yearn to go backwards and use the things from days long passed. And I must confess that I LOVE washing clothes with the wringer. I washed 3 loads in it and only one in the automatic. There is just something cool about running them through the wringer and then into the two rinse tubs. The wringer agitates twice as good as the new machine and that is what gets the clothes clean. I put my mud boots on and headed out through the snow and mud. You can't see it in this picture but just to the left side is this huge 5 foot drift! ha ha The best part of this is that we were charged back up (with electricity) by noon.

Had a great time at the hookin and will share some pictures next time I am in to blog. Went to HomeDepot and Lowes and got a bargain on a cupboard for the kitchen sink. Picked up the sink and faucets. Then found a neat bowl for the bathroom dry sink. LaVern is working on putting in the shower today so I decided to come to town. Best to let him alone when he is plumbing!

Spring must be coming soon as a big flock of Canadian geese flew over the house this morning, heading north. With a foot of snow on the ground it sure doesn't seem like spring will soon be here. I jumped the gun on St. Patrick's day and cooked corned beef on the wood stove. It was very tasty. LaVern does not like cabbage so we just had the beef. Occasionally I will cook some cabbage for myself (and I love saurkraut)!

A couple days ago we came in to town and saw the best sight. I would have loved to taken a picture but it just isn't allowed. Came over a hill a couple miles from home and there were three of our Amish neighbor boys driving a holstein heifer down the road. They had long sticks but she was just ambling down the side of the road. They waved and we waved. I suppose they were taking her to the neighbors to be bred. How often do you see that? I mentioned to LaVern that the boys must at least be past the 8th grade since they weren't in school. "Maybe they had a snow day", was his reply. He can sure be quick! ha ha

I best end and finish my errands. I sure miss blogging everyday. I think we are looking at taking down the two huge old cottonwood trees on the south side of the house. The one is in bad shape, we are thinking somewhat hollow inside and it hangs over the house. It will improve our solar immensely and then open up an area for a satellite for internet. Although I enjoy coming to the library!!

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