Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy season

I guess it has begun. Rainy season that is. We have had 2 1/4 inches in the last few days. Today is cloudy, cool and sprinkles of rain. I think we are to have a couple nice days and then back to the rain again. I wear my mud boots everywhere now. I was out on the deck this morning sanding boards for our kitchen floor. This project will take some time. We are using old boards and of course they are all different widths. LaVern has to rip them to make them all fit but I am excited about getting it started. We will do half of the kitchen and then put 3 coats of finish on the boards. Then move the furniture and do the other part. Once the floor is done we will just have the trim to make and put up. The shutters will come later.
Oh, I forgot. LaVern has a center island and harvest table to make also! Poor guy. His work is never done! But he enjoys the woodworking part so I guess it all works out.
I have some new wheels but will share that with you later when I get a picture!!
Take joy....take peace.

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Anonymous said...

Rainy season here too I think. Grass is growing like crazy, so are the flowers and the kids. Bright pink rain coats and princess umbrellas have gone to school a lot. LOL!!! Happy, happy being a Mommy! Who knew it was such a cool job. Kim