Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ice house

We are getting milk from an Amish neighbor now. When I picked it up it was ice cold and I wondered how they were doing that. He milks 14 cows and a milk truck comes by and picks up the milk so I knew they had to be holding it cold somehow. The next trip to their house he showed us his ice house. A good size building and when I opened the door it was packed solid with huge blocks of ice. He had a man come and spray insulation on the inside. The ice was cut from ponds and hauled in. He said that ice would hold until through September!! It sounds like several of the men get together and they cut ice and fill all of their ice houses at the same time. LaVern asked him what a block would weigh and he said about 100 pounds. Pretty amazing stuff. Working together accomplishes a great deal. We should all do more of it.


Anonymous said...

Now that I find VERY interesting! How cool it would be to learn the things you are learning about others way of life!

Carolyn said...

Amen to that! We are learning from the Amish and they from us. The whole Amish community knows about LaVern and I and the fact that we are still "off grid" as was the previous Amish family. They find that amazing!