Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Town girl to country girl

You know you have crossed over from a city girl to a farm girl when:

1) You start to carry a pocket knife every where you go
2) You get excited about "getting out" and going to a sheep and goat auction
3) Shopping for a buggy is just like buying a car
4) The price of eggs in the store just doesn't matter any more
5) You know NOT to swat the buck goat with your cap
6) You know that white rocks are chickens to be eaten, not named
7) You can mend a fence as easily and fast as mending a shirt
8) Dressing up means a clean pair of jeans and ballcap
9) You are on a first name basis at the feed store instead of the women's dress shop
10) You've traded in the Born leather slip ons for muck boots
11) Your vocabulary includes words like free range, muskovie, ennoble, self sustainable, molting
12) You know the true meaning of "going green"
13) Lawn fertilizer doesn't necessary come in a bag


Anonymous said...

Love your last two blogs. Thanks for the pictures. I knew you would get muck boots. They are the best. Love them. Have fun on the farm. LOL LOL LOL Your Kindred Spirit

Melinda said...

What a great list!

Could I add these?!

Fixing your hair means braiding it down your back to keep it from blowing in your face.

A date night means picking up a new plow or fixing fence with your husband without children!