Thursday, June 10, 2010

The adventures continue

We went camping at a state park only 30 miles from here. Had a grand time. Planned on staying another night but got rained out at noon today so packed it in. I failed to get a picture of the boys at the beach so another trip back. They loved swimming in the lake and the beach is really nice. We hiked, had a campfire and this morning we all went out in the canoe. Grandpa and Reid went out early for a long trip around the lake. The trails were mud but we tramped through them anyway!
Since it is Thursday we came to town. Our local ice cream shop has a special different ice cream for each day of the week. Today is lemon and it is our favorite! Tomorrow we are going to the movie, Shrek 3. Saturday we are going to a fiber and wool festival. Sunday (weather permitting) fishing at our Diagonal lake. Still want to get them to Living History Farms in Des Moines and grandma has lots of crafts yet to do with them!!
I have to share some of their conversations. Art Linkletter's show is sure missed.
The boys were talking about their length of stay at grandma's. 7 year old, "I'm staying 3 weeks".
5 year old, "I'm gonna stay for 2 months". 7 year old, "Your mom will really miss you". Reply from the 5 year old, "But I gave her a hug and kiss!"
Gavin, age 5, came outside with me early one morning while I was choring. We had been out for about 30 minutes and decided to pick strawberries for our cereal. He was picking away when suddenly he looked down and said, "Why am I just in my underwear?" (I explained it as okay). Later on grandpa came by and asked Gavin, "Why are you just in your underwear?". Gavin replied, "Because I am in the country!"
Common saying from both boys, "Hey Grandma, guess what?"
They were chatting at breakfast one morning and I missed the conversation but the next thing I know the 5 year old is singing, "Who let the dogs out? woof, woof, woof". I think this is a for real song but it was sure funny with him singing it.
During supper one evening Reid asked how old our dog Mattie was. Grandpa explained she was 14 years old or if she was a person she would be 98 years old. Reid, "Wow, that's really old". Gavin, 5 years old replied, "Yea, an old person's skin drops way down here" (He grabbed his cheeks and pulled down) ha ha I'm looking forward to that!
At noon when we had the thunderstorm the 5 year old told me that the thunder was the angels, bowling and the lightning was when they got a strike!! The rain was when they were either crying or sweating. Sounded good to me! (You should hear this little guy's prayers. They are amazing!)
Well, best sign off. Grandpa is over in the other section reading to the boys. We are heading back to the farm and going to work on a craft project. Needless to say nothing is being done on the house but we are sure having fun!


Dianna said...

What a great time! I am sure enjoying reading about your adventures. Give Gavin a big kiss and hug from me, okay? Dianna (Nana)

Melinda said...

What fun! I'm tired just reading about all your adventures! Those grandsons are so cute! :) How blessed they are to have you guys!