Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mud swingin,sheep fesitval,hiking to a tower, and on and on

The rain continues daily here. This morning while raining the boys built a big Lego castle. The rain finally quit and outdoors they went. Next thing I realized they had peeled off their jeans and were having a ball mud swinging!! I am thanking God as we speak for the sun that is now shining as I have a load of very muddy clothes to wash! We went to a sheep festival last Saturday. Stopped at the feed store coming home and purchased two Americana chicks. (Hens to be) The boys are excited as they will lay green and blue eggs! Nellie and Brufus are their names. I do hope they survive. Right now they are in a big tank with a screen top. Grandpa has been combing the magazines for the perfect little two hen house to build for them. ha ha We visited a covered bridge and then on to a big park in Winterset. Went on a LONNNNNG hike to a tower. Boys really enjoyed that. Then ice cream cones and home. We made puddle jumpers and grandpa built them stilts. They love coming to the library and checking out books. They even read them when we get home! One day they were down cleaning out the sheep pen. No complaints either! We are going out for pizza tonight. We are to have a sunny day tomorrow so I will take them back to the beach swimming and hopefully have time for a hike. We wrote our names with invisible ink this morning so that should be dry and we can see if we can read our messages. I could go on and on about all the activities but best get the pictures posted and finish up. Grandpa took the boys to the store. They are on a mission to find a whistle to add to our hiking pack.
LaVern and I both had sore throats last week. Mine went in to a dry chest cough. Ugh. Slowly getting over it. Saw the movie Shrek 3, ate junk food and sodas. Sunday afternoon the boys and grandpa took 3 hour naps!!


Dianna said...

You guys are so awesome! Those two little guys look like they are having the time of their life. You know, they are never going to want to go back home. Give Gavin another kiss and hug for me and tell him we miss him! Dianna

Melinda said...

That mud picture = priceless!