Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And then there was TWO

We picked up the second grandson on Sunday. Gavin, age 5. He joined Reid, age 7. We are having a grand time and the adventures just keep rolling on. I told LaVern that he had better enjoy all this time with them both because once their parents see the pictures and read the blogs, they will never let them stay with us again!! ha ha
I will have to add the pictures in another blog. I haven't figured out the settings to add more pictures yet!! Or maybe this is it.
I will post again later some of the things the boys have been talking about. Kids say the funniest things. I have been writing them down so will post all at the same time. This morning we butchered two roosters. What a hoot! The 5 year old thoroughly loved it. He came saying, "awesome" to the whole ordeal. He jumped right in there and pulled feathers and guts. The 7 year old only tried after he watched the other one. ha ha We are having chicken and noodles for supper. It will be interesting to see what they think of that!
Then came the mud dams and mud roadway. We hit the thrift store today and picked up some more shorts and shirts. Tomorrow we are going camping with the trailer and tent. The lake has a beach and hiking trails. Plan on getting the canoe in the water also.
Gavin I think is a chicken whisperer. Every time I turn around that child is carrying a hen around and talking to her. He generally is able to walk right up to one and pick her up. The boys help with the chores morning and night. Only a couple broken eggs so far!
Early this morning we had a thunderstorm pass through. I was up at 4 and then at 5 there was a big crack of thunder. Gavin sat up in bed and said, "grandma, I'm scared." I asked him is he wanted to crawl in to bed with grandpa and he shot right in there. End of the scaredies. He and grandpa slept until 8 AM. Reid slept through the whole storm. The first night they "camped" in the kitchen with the teepee. We are having a great time with them and no mention of any mom and dad yet. (sorry, kids)

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