Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grandson Reid

Our grandson, Reid is here from McCook NE. He is staying for three weeks and two days!! We have already had great fun. We are helping him with his Cub Scout book and hope to fill several of his achievements for badges while he is here. This morning, after chores, we hook up the horse and buggy and went for a drive. Reid had his first driving lesson. Then he went with Grandpa Vern, down south, and helped put up new fence. They had the garden tractor and pulled a wagon which they proceeded to dump over twice. We have been eating strawberries by the gallons. We are in at the library checking out books now. Had great fun on the tree swing, lots of twirling. We will work on the garden and Reid is going to build and plant a flower box.
I have a list a full page long of things we want to do!! More to come!

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Melinda said...

What fun! We can't wait to meet him!