Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old friends

I made a "quick" trip to Oberlin today planning on getting around to see everyone. Wrong. Was at my favorite coffee house from 9 until 1 pm!! ha ha Many old friends came by and we had such fun! I miss every single one of them. As I was leaving I told them I would come back down a day (if I can) before heading home. The bank there has one of those big huge signs that has continuous messages going across it. I told my banker friend Martin that I was going to spend the $5 for the day and have him announce what day I would be back down at the coffee shop so all the friends can come there instead of me trying to get around to see them. He laughed and said that was a great idea. Drove out to my best friend's home in the country. She is a kindred spirit and I am so blessed to have her in my life. We share so many likes, ideas and philosophy of life. She doesn't gossip and isn't fake. We never have fights but have laughed until we wet our pants! The chance of finding a lifelong friend like that is rare indeed. I love my cell phone with the "friends circle "(call anytime, anywhere unlimited...for free) specifically for calling her. So, I did not get to see everyone I wanted to. Sorry you all! But plan on coming back for a day after I find out what we are doing for dad. Hugs. Take joy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Carolyn. Had tears of joy in my eyes when finished reading this. Love Ya. Your Kindred Spirit.