Friday, June 25, 2010


I must be allergic to something here in Kansas/Nebraska that we do not have in Iowa. While living in Kansas I suffered with sinus infection continuously. Would get those awlful sinus headaches for which there was no relief. A couple times I tried the medical doctor when the pain was too great. Antibiotics which never helped. Finally we purchased an infrared sauna which was the best thing we ever did. When we were making our decision to get off grid we knew the sauna would be one of the items that would go. Just couldn't justify the power it would take although it was 110 and really didn't use much. We knew there were things we could do to help the pain of sinus. Neti pots are wonderful. Praise the Lord, since I have been in Iowa I have not had sinus infection nor even a headache. Came back to Nebraska and whamo, sinus are plugging up and I am just staying ahead of a bad headache. Maybe I will go see the gal that bought our sauna!! She would get a kick out of that.
Good news on dad. When he stands his blood pressure drops almost in half which accounts for the light headness. Now to find out why. EKG was good, blood tests good. He has always been healthy. Dr. thinks maybe the Prozac that he has been on for 4 years so he is taking him off that. Then dad just takes an aspirin and that's it. I talked to LaVern yesterday and told him I could come home anytime! He needs until at least the middle of next week providing the kitchen floor dries fast between coats. Happy days! Will now be able to do some cooking/baking for the folks and freeze some things plus go back down to Oberlin. I brought 7 books to read while here also! A visit to my chiropractor may be in order too as my back is not liking the day bed! I am loving being able to get on the computer daily but still not bad enough yet to pay the bucks for it when I get home! :-)


Anonymous said...

Missed seeing you yesterday. Call me when you are here again, I will be upset if I don't get to see my friend! Vickie

Carolyn said...

ha ha
I knew if I left a message that I would get some responses!! tee hee
Plan on coming back down to "make the rounds"!! Got to see Kris, Kim, John/Carol, Ann Brown and the list goes on and on!!
Probably Monday :-) lov ya

Melinda said...

Infared sauna?! It's on my dream list! Jan will definitely be reading this post! :) Glad your dad is better!

Take Joy.....Take Peace said...

Be sure to ask LaVern about how we got ours before going out and buying one! I would highly recommend them for alternative health care!!