Monday, June 21, 2010

Silence is not golden

It is quiet in the house. Both boys are gone and I miss them already! I grew accustomed to the constant, "grandma............grandma..............grandma". Or little Gavin's response to all questions, "huh?". I miss the laughter. I miss the excitement over Lava soap. The little feet stained purple from the mulberries. Spending time with Reid doing his summer reading and seeing his improvement. Hearing Gavin exclaim, "A chicken pooped on my leg and it was hot"! Oh dear. Yes, it is quiet in the house.
I am leaving tomorrow to go to my folk's in Nebraska. Will swing down and spend a couple days with friends in Oberlin, KS. LaVern asked me how long I was going to be gone. I told him that depended upon him. He had a frown and said what do you mean. I told him I would come home when he finished the kitchen!! I'm hoping it will just be a week but I am ready for the kitchen to be completed. (before canning begins!!).
Will blog from Nebraska!!


Anonymous said...

Canning, oh fun! Can't wait for that season to begin. Give me a shout if you have time while in Oberlin. Will be gone most of the day Wednesday, but other than that around town. Kim

Melinda said...

The chicken poop comment was so funny I almost wet my pants! :) What wonderful memories you made!