Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on kitchen

I may get home before Christmas yet, possibly by the fourth of July! Christmas in July!! Still working on the trim but it was nearly finished. Three coats of finish on the new (old) wood floor is completed. Wiring is done. Kitchen sink has been painted but he still has to make the new (old) wood countertop for it. We bought the base cabinet at Lowes. Really discounted because it was damaged in the back. LaVern laughed and said most people would think we were nuts if they saw him out there painting an oak cabinet. What can I say? I had a sink base in mind for LaVern to build but knew by the time we got to this point of the remodel I wouldn't care what was in there! I was right. ha ha It will look old by the time we are done. Our kitchen is 16x36.........BIG. Almost like remodeling 3 rooms!
I need a cup of tea. I checked and it is 57 degrees this AM in Diagonal. Perfect. Off to Oberlin again alittle later this morning. Yesterday evening I picked up grandson Reid and we went to the park where they have an old band shell. Sat on a blanket and listened to a cowboy sing old trail cowboy songs on a variety of string instruments. Simple and enjoyable entertainment.

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