Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I drove to Oberlin today to visit numerous friends so I didn't have a chance to call LaVern. About midday I got a text message on my cell phone from him. It read: Choc. ice cream KND. Okay........I figured out he must have taken some "play" time and went to Mt. Ayr for a chocolate ice cream cone. But I could NOT figure out the KND so I had to call him. not done
ha ha I told him I was wanting a text that read KD.
Tonight our son that lives the closest to us called and they want to pick up the RV this Sunday. Oh boy. It is currently parked in front of our house and it is my kitchen!! I either have to get home or poor LaVern will have to pack up all the dishes, food, and clean the RV for them to pickup. That ole RV has sure been used. Not only have we taken numerous trips in it but we lived in it for 9 months and now it has been the kitchen for a couple months. So I guess LaVern will be pulled off the kitchen for a few days and work on RV. Darn. KND.


Melinda said...

At least he has his priorities straight - chocolate ice cream! ;)

The project sounds like it's close to being done!

Carolyn said...

He is getting close. RV kind of put a wrench in it. He told me he needed a couple more days now! ha ha Have a GREAT weekend camping. Will be thinking of you. We LOVE to camp, hate the packing. :-)