Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bats in the house!

Well, not exactly in the house but LaVern is thinking in the chimney. Now I know most of you are freaking out whereas I told LaVern we need to get a bat house installed by fall (before lighting up the wood stove). I want them to stay!! Those little guys will eat 1000 mosquitos EACH in an hour! Maybe that is why we don't have mosquitos. hmm Will have to read up on them. My understanding is that some hibernate during the winter and others migrate. There are even barn bats but I'm not sure if they are friends with the barn swallows. One is never too old for learning. Bats, a good thing. (I'm chuckling while posting this as at my parent's, the city just drove around last night spraying the entire town for mosquitos. Can you imagine the cost? And the harm from the chemicals? They told people to stay in)

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