Friday, July 23, 2010

Life is tough, but living doesn't have to be

Just read this on a blog and it pretty much sums it all up! I am sure most of you are wondering why I am suddenly posting every day again. I am out in Colorado at my brother's. Drove to my folk's, picked them up and came here. Took dad to a doctor yesterday. His heart is good he just has really low blood pressure. Doctor told him to drink more water and a couple sport drinks a day. He is to try that for a month and then call dr. There is medicine for low bp but dr. doesn't want to use it only has a last resort. I think we will stay a couple more days here and then head back. So in the meantime I am surfing the web and reading, reading, reading.
There is a wonderful website, and I had been "lurking" there for months. LaVern is cleaning up the Pioneer Maid woodstove that we bought at an Amish auction and getting ready to hook it up in the kitchen. I have never cooked on a woodstove but have read everything I could get my hands on. So I posted on the homesteading forum. The response has been wonderful. Several gals from all over the country have shared their experiences and ideas. This is when having that daily internet access is most appreciated. Without it I would not know all those little tidbits. I just read Melinda's blog about the fruit fly traps(see the link). How cool is that? We are probably looking at maybe this fall trying the Wildblue satellite for internet. Being connected does have awesome benefits.
I promise to post pictures when I get home. Kitchen is basically finished. I never thought I would see it completely full but I sure filled it in a hurry! Unpacking boxes stored since last Thanksgiving is like opening presents at Christmas. " Oh, I forgot I had this" has been said numerous times.
No one is stirring here yet so I think I will sneak down for a cup of tea!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my look at the time of your post. Some things never change lol! Miss talking to ya in the mornings. Will call when back home. kim