Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I wonder how many of you were thinking of the storms related to our weather! I was thinking of the storms of life! We have had the weather ones recently as many of you so I'm ready to put that aside.
Recently one of our sons has been hit with the storms of life, just alot of unfortunate bad things hitting them. Storms are a fact of life but it is how you weather those storms that make all the difference. Are they easy to cope with? No! I told my son to turn to Jesus and pray. He can say the word and still our storm of life. God is faithful and will get you through the storms. My son's horse may get over the lameness, his wife's horse's cut foot will heal, the vet will take payments, the blown over tack building can be rebuilt, my car can be used until the pickup is repaired, extra work will provide funds, stressful fair week is over. Life's storms. No one is exempt from them. They are a part of our journey of life. Instead, take joy. J=Jesus, Y=You and the o=nothing(zero).....Let nothing come between you and Jesus!


Melinda said...

"Sometimes He calms the storms, sometimes He calms the child..." They are a part of the journey - and what makes us stronger. But they sure aren't fun or easy!

John and Carol said...

He will give us only what we can handle. Tho at times it seems like we are reaching that point and it can seem very overwhelming. Our prayers are for you and your family.