Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall gatherings

Oh the weather outside is delightful! Good thing as we have Soooooo much to do before winter. We have started cutting firewood and stacking it in the pole building. We sure are going to need alot of firewood to keep two stoves running this winter. This morning LaVern borrowed a big bush hog mower to run behind the tractor. He is busy out mowing the three small pastures as we want to put in additional seed. Might tear up one section (it is mostly weeds) and plant some clover and grasses for my bees that I hope to have next year.
And yes I purchased a bunch of flowers, shrubs and bushes at True Value! 75% off is too good to resist. Of course that led to cutting down the second cottonwood tree which resulted in cutting down the one next to it after it broke off a big branch. Not sure what the tree was but the entire thing was leaning way over towards the road as the cottonwood was taking all the sun. But we managed to get everything cut up and stacked and the twigs hauled to the big hole. Then LaVern got our limestone put up, the iron wagon wheel and the ole wind charger. We planted all around those. Looks really nice and I think the plants will be fine. I went back to Creston this morning and bought 4 trees. No clue what they are as no tags!! ha ha But the cost was $8 per tree so we didn't much care. Going to plant them out by the pond and will plant them as though they were going to be big trees.
We sold the lambs and ewes AND Hercules (the buck goat) last week in Creston. Had no idea what those 90 day old lambs weighed. Would you believe 80 pounds each!! They brought $1.41 a pound! The ewes sold well also. I think we doubled our money on the deal without the lambs. Then the goat even brought more money so we did okay on that adventure. Not sure what our plans are next. We are leaning towards Katahdin ewe lambs and then one milking dairy goat. Both of my horses are "farmed out" to the Amish. Hope to trade Peggy Sue for some hay and labor with a young Amish farmer. I may try Knight again when I get him back. He is being used by another Amish farmer right now. Two other Amish have told us they want to buy him so I guess I should give him another go. Well, go is the problem. He can outright get going!! ha ha
I have three buckets of apples to put up yet this week. Lumber for living room is still sitting in the trailer yet to be unloaded. I want to try to make homemade crackers so if anyone has a recipe they like let me know. I tried ground cherries for the first time and they were tasty but I'm not sure I want to raise them!
Oh dear, the time has gotten away from me. I best get home as I have more plants to put in yet this evening. We discovered some buckeye trees on one of our adventures so I want to get over and pick them.
Charlotte and Marlin............Sparks, Kansas flea market was a blast!! We hooked up the teardrop trailer, threw in a change of clothes and took off Thursday afternoon. We are now only about 2 hours from there. Beautiful night to camp at the site. Got up early Friday and shopped. I was surprised at the amount of people that were there on a Friday!! Hit the one up at White Cloud also but Sparks is better. People were buying from what I could see including us! ha ha Anyway just wanted you to know we made it. I'll go again next spring since it is so close to us now.

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