Thursday, September 2, 2010

Planting fever

Oh my, I am in at the Java Shop in Creston where I am sipping a chai Latte and taking advantage of the free wireless access. LaVern is next door to the chiropractor. We came in with the trailer to pick up wood for the living room. I am itching to get started on that. Should have tried to get pictures of the kitchen so I can get them posted but didn't even think of it. We get up here to the True Value store (Java is located in it also) and they have 75% off trees and shrubs and they have alot left! So...........we may go home with more work than just the living room. I have a picture in mind as to what I want the yard to look like. Similar to what we did in Oberlin, cottage style, mirandering, and all periennial. I'm not having to worry about drought tolerant here in Iowa though! On a trip back to my folk's I drove by our old place. I should have taken a picture. It was fabulous! Just exactly as I envisioned when we started the landscaping years ago. I actually felt like stopping and meander through the flowers!!
I am thinking I will go home with some very reasonable periennials today and get my hands dirty this afternoon. Simple pleasures, much joy.

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Melinda said...

Wish I had time to run up and get some! I hope there's still some there when we get back!

Where's the pictures of the kitchen?! No fair starting a new room without posting pictures of the last one! :)