Thursday, December 2, 2010

4th and final blog

We have been so busy and I am so far behind blogging. Before all the Thanksgiving stuff we got a call one night from my brother. My niece was suppose to be flying in to Des Moines and then my aunt from northern Iowa was picking her up and she was going up there for her week's vacation. She is a single, 27 year old city girl. This was during that terrible wind we had and my aunt did not want to drive. Sooooooooo.....could she come and spend a week with us? Of course, we would love to have her. The first day I showed her how to do the chores. Explained that you had to call the hens to the house and talk to them on the way. I think she thought I was alittle crazy and "she" wasn't going to do that but guess what? At the end of her stay she would call those hens and loved it when all 20 of them came running to her. She talked to them all the way to the hen house! She told us it was the best vacation she has ever had, next to Disney World. I told my brother with alittle more advance notice that next time I could beat out ole Disney!
I'll post pictures later as I must have them on the other camera and haven't downloaded them yet.

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Melinda said...

Wow! You two have really been busy! I loved reading and catching up! What special memories you are making with those grandkids! You can just fell the love flow out of every word you write!