Thursday, December 2, 2010

3rd new blog of 4

Granddaughter working on a sampler she was making for a school project.
This one loves to put puzzles together

Quilt shop in the country that we all went to.
Didn't get a picture of the grandson this time. Maybe because he ended up sick with the flu. I kept chanting: I'm too old to throwup, I'm too old to throwup.....(so far it's worked)!
He still had a couple good days. Despite the cold and wind they were still outdoors helping with chores and playing on the new rope swings. It was dark on the trip to our house and Gavin (6 yrs) suddenly exclaimed, "There's a shooting star!" His first ever that he had seen. He was sure excited. Abit later he announced, "There's one getting ready to go!" ha ha ha The things kids say. I had to call their dad while they were at our house. Brenna, the oldest, reported that dad told them to bring jackets as we heated with wood and it might be cold! I asked our son what the temperature was in his house. Confused he asked why and I told him it was 75 degrees in ours and the kids were kicking their blankets off at night!

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